Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

A series of analogies emerged during a reading, and I thought I would fill in some thoughts on the concept —

The point of a “weblog,” an online journal? It’s a chance to flesh out ideas, and this one that isn’t fully realized, but gets some kind of print as a “works in progress,” a not fully formed metaphor. As the warning signs suggest? Your Mileage May Vary.

The definition was of a Sun Sign, as in, “My Sun is in Sagittarius,” with the common understanding that there are shared generalities, but individuals differ greatly.

So think, the Sun Sign is like the car-type, say, a Mustang. As I sketched, this was on the fly, trying to make it up as I went, the Sun Sign is like the car itself, shared characteristics over the years with some years possibly better than others. The color of the car, let’s say red, is part of the rising sign, the waxy lustrous coat on the outside. The motor, motor-block? That’s Mars, the drive-train. The car’s interior? Venus. Comfort, practicality, all depends.

I’ve ridden in more than one “mom” car that is totally trashed by errant wee ones. Just the way it goes. Get a Venus in Virgo or Capricorn, get a practical interior than can be hosed out.

Neptune spends long time in a single slice of the sky, lugubrious and slow moving, but an internal part of the spiritual quest of an individual. That’s the thing that sits on top of the motor, carburetor or injectors, mix fuel with air to make motors go. For a long generation, Neptune was in Scorpio, and those folks have their carb tucked up, and under hood where no one can see it.

This analogy is far from complete, but as I toyed with it, I started to like it more and more.

Thinking on paper, I’m not sure what the Moon would be, or Uranus.

So far, this is a works in progress.

  • Sun Sign — car.
  • Moon Sign — model, like SE or an EX, or the luxury version.
  • Ascendant/Rising Sign — color and/or finish.
  • Mercury — instrumentations, window tinting, BlueTooth, & wifi.
  • Venus — interior.
  • Mars — motor.
  • Jupiter — gas tank.
  • Saturn — wheels. It is a car.
  • Uranus — computer control, electronic sensors
  • Neptune — carb/injectors
  • Pluto — exhaust system? No, catalytic converters.

Ford Mustang

The idea was away to approach astrology and astrology terms to make it more understandable. The biggest problem with the Music of the Spheres, the language of the planets, and their influences? The problem is definitions. Understanding how this works, maybe I got off on the car parts incorrectly, but the beginning of an idea glimmers brightly.

Ford Mustang

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