Bye Bye Base Station

Bye Bye Base Station

Bye Bye Base Station as beloved (or be hated?) Apple discontinues the wireless base station thingy.

Just a an anecdotal footnote in the history of the modern era, but the Apple Base Station was the first “cool looking” wireless device I had. Propped up in a corner of a trailer in South Austin.

The original one I had, version one, maybe? Looked sort of like the space ship in a weird 80’s cult movie.

What the Apple Wireless did? Opened up the idea of wireless networking for all.

Bye Bye Base Station

I think I still have one that’s running here someplace, and I do adore the idea that all I do is open up my traveling laptop, and it connects — wirelessly — to the thing, and then, it backs up that laptop. No mess, no fuss, no wires.

So the base station is no longer carried by Apple.

My largest challenge with the idiot-proof Apple hardware is that sometimes, I try to complicate the process more than needed. Got to keep it simple.

Bye Bye Base Station

See the fineprint for rules.

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