Bento Box

Bento Box

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Oddly enough, my first introduction wasn’t food, but software. There was an organizational tool built dozens of years back that took this as a namesake, and I’m unsure of how that works. The naming of software — or organizational software tools.

Neither. I don’t understand either one.

Bento Box

As visual device, it is a good tool for tucking each item into an individual serving-size container, then savoring each — individual — serving.

Popular myth, as it has been served to me, suggests that this is a method for portion control, and a way to place each item into a separate, single-serving, or single-use compartment.

Break it down to component pieces, and store, then serve, accordingly.

Or, according to the myth, savor each item, as time allows. Have to wonder if TV dinners started here because, their original little compartments fit, right?

Same for the old trays on airlines, and sometimes, on certain classes of train travel, but mostly, the old days on airlines. Those of us back in the cheap seats had these meals, mostly reheated, food-like substances, portioned off into little sections of plastic tray. Similar, if not identical concept.

Seriously, who flies for the in-flight cuisine?

Bento Box

With both TV Dinners and airline food, the concept loses headway.

The theory that I use, and how I work this, Bento Box or not?

Take the bigger issue and break it down to discrete, individual items. Easier to tackle the smaller tasks, simpler goals, and let that — for me this is organic — build to a larger structure. Build the full meal deal out of discrete, easy-to-assemble parts that are not daunting.

There’s one key element in this idea, taking the smaller parts and pieces and assembling them into a whole. The sum of the parts is greater than the individuals, if I understand.

The term Bento Box surfaced from some old notes, as I was working through the academic and routine maintenance issues, typical work when Mercury is in Retrograde, at least, for me.

The concept was to break the bigger problems into more discrete, more manageable, smaller and smaller problems until the individual units were each fixable. Or correctable. Or able to be addressed in a useful, helpful, hopefully healthy manner.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury is in disarray, I look for new, better ways to deal with exigent energies. The idea of the Bento Box popped up, and, times being what they are? Thought I would fly the idea out there, see what happens.

At the very beginning of the current retrograde pattern, I heard from near and dear client, old friend, etc. What I heard back was the exact same advice I have preached, time and again, over and over, being recited back to me, verbatim.

Not sure if I should be proud or scared.

Either way? My methodology and process, the teaching, it stands.

Bento Box

Portable Mercury Retrograde

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