They Came From The Sky

They Came From The Sky

They Came from the Sky: The Spanish Arrive in Texas

Two items caught my attention, author’s name, as he wrote some fairly definitive Texas (Alamo) history, and it was “Signed by the author.”

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In the opening passages, giving lyrical location to the earliest settlers of this region we now refer to as “Texas,” he quickly rambled through the Clovis People, so-named because the original archeological site was close to Clovis, NM. That was the first, definitive timeline for people in the Americas.

He cited the more recent work, I echoed some time back, about an archeological site, several generations earlier than the Clovis People, which, in turn upset some of the original historical records.

It was the best evidence at the time.

But further along, apparently, best evidence available, in history, is the start to the myth about cities of gold, kick-started a European migration, invasion? Immigration? Armed takeover?

“They encountered Indians who encouraged them to believe that there was a great kingdom, full of gold, not far to the west.” Page 22.

That was Florida, go figure. Guys were lost.

The short book ends with a chapter about a portion of the Spanish Inquisition, and myths about who saw what, possibly a precursor to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Delightful, short read on the Spanish history of Texas, or the New World, their new world.

Between the lines, Apache and Comanche —

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