Red Whale Coffee

Red Whale Coffee

Sister has become, over the years on the Left Coast, a bit of a coffee person. Last time out, she was deeply apologetic, not having had time to roast any of her green beans to make delightful, aromatic blends to send home with me.

She was using off-the shelf stuff. Deeply apologetic, like it matters that much, it doesn’t. But I do recall, she offered up some Red Whale Coffee beans. Never heard of them, and, probably a localized kind of place.

Red Whale Coffee

The first morning in CA, cold, bleary, suggestion of rain, with fog spilling over the mountains, and me on Texas time, then the rent house accommodations — used to this — had a Mr. Coffee. Blade grinder. Make the best with what is at hand, no?

Grind the bean, more like pulverize, then pour into the coffee maker, and hope for the best. The first sip was one of those fireworks kind of a moments, as the taste was that good. A light roast, but flavorful without being flavored. Coffee, for sure, well-roasted, too. Ergonomic and free-range, I would guess. But good. So very, very good.

On my second cup, the aroma matching the flavor, the coffee quietly steeping in its mug and Mr. Coffee, I could feel energy crawling up my spine. A certain happiness infused my brain. Cold, dreary Northern Cal., and I was joyful — alive.

Did I mention it was good coffee?

Red Whale Coffee

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