Mindful Correct Response

Mindful Correct Response

Plonking around on an i-tablet one night, I got text message from an unknown number — just one I didn’t recognize. A quick search revealed it probably wasn’t spam and was from a place I’ve never done business, or, not directly.

I was still leery — felt hinky.

In this day and age, that I have a few former lovers scattered across several continents is not surprising, nor that not all of these situations resolved well. Not new information, there.

Then, too, I have a slightly hyperbolic approach to some readings, and I do get swept up in the moment. It’s such a fine line between fact and friction — again — not really a recent discovery? Tread softly.

But honestly, I’m easy to find, cf., Aquarius. Which was surprising, to me, to have that text pop up.


I joke about this in presentations, and I once held a letter, postmarked that day, from a former lover (Virgo, not that it matters), about missives from an ex arriving when Mercury is in Retrograde — like it was. Like it will be.

Claimed to be an ex-wife, got some facts incorrect, but the gist of the one-way texts were about right. At that point, I was wondering, for me, “What is the Mindful Correct Response?”

Mindful Correct Response

Mercury is Retrograde from December 3 to December 23 (2017), all in Sagittarius, thinking about Virgo-ex’s.

Which still doesn’t answer the Mindful Correct Response question.

Me? I got nothing.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Mindful Correct Response

Old story about fish and bait, a lure that was a color that did not appear in nature, and I kept catching that one fish. Catch and release.

Point of the story?

Don’t take the bait. Mindful correct response?

Maybe don’t take the bait.

Over the years, I think I’m getting a little better about listening to some of my own advice. Not that this is new information, straight from the book.

Times like this? Mindful, correct response?

Don’t take the bait.

Portable Mercury Retrograde – Kramer Wetzel

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