Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn goes around the Sun about once every 29 years. Saturn’s orbit, relative to planet Earth, with Saturn’s apparent retrogrades, it looks like Saturn’s pattern works out to a 28-year cycle with those perturbations occurring and that makes for an astrological cycle that tends to be 28 years long, but can last as much as 30 Earth years.

For simpler math? Just figure 28 years to a Saturn cycle.

Saturn enters Capricorn in
December of 2017 and
stays until February 2020.

What this means for all the signs?

First, a quick glance at Saturn and its association — it is associated with Capricorn, and in the days of old, it was also connected to the sign of Aquarius, and to this day, there are always a few saturnine Aquarius types. In my own work, I tend to connect Saturn to the Tenth House, a 30 degree slice of the heavens that represents work and career, sometimes one and the same and sometimes different. There’s also an association from older astrological texts, that will draw inference between Saturn and the father, or, I tend to prefer, a father-like figure.

Transiting Saturn, as it connects with natal chart planets, tends to be viewed as a nasty old curmudgeon of a planetary influence. Wet blanket, wet, wool blanket in the middle of a hot summer’s day, hot, sticky, itchy, and not pleasant. While that applies to most signs, that doesn’t always apply to Saturn in Capricorn because those two get along together well. Maybe too well?

Capricorn Rising, Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon? All good with Saturn by transit as this imparts gravity, even gravitas, but it also allows for mirth. Gallows humor, to some, but mirth nonetheless.

Saturn in Capricorn for…

Capricorn: Saturn in Cap for Capricorn is totally counter-intuitive. Total opposite. While most signs, the other 11, see Saturn as a mean, old taskmaster, driving, subverting, punishing, and otherwise being a downer? For Capricorn, this is different, Saturn likes Capricorn. Saturn is all about rewarding hard work. Personally, I’m allergic to hard work, so that’s not a happening thing, not from me, but for Capricorn? Diligence, due diligence, and patient effort gets the big rewards. Think in terms of long-term goals rather than some immediate reward. Then, don’t be too surprised when Saturn rewards the hardworking Capricron.

Sagittariuis: Saturn in Cap for Sagittarius depends heavily on how Saturn in Sagittarius was handled. Been a long trip this Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn tends to winnow the real from the unnecessary, and then, as the Ringed Titan moves into his home of Capricorn, for Sagittarius, there is a review of the lesson then learning to make do with less. In the eternal Zen Koan (like) mantra? “Less is more.” For Sag., in the coming few weeks, months and years, as we all approach the challenges, the rewards are found in less, not more. Review what was learned in the previous three years then bounce forward with the idea that fewer resources yield better products. Or better production.

Scorpio: Saturn in Cap for Scorpio reminds me of all those books I haven’t read yet, but keep meaning to read. Epic tomes, the pillars of Literature for Western Civilization, the Classics, that ”Everyone should read!” The next few years will afford Scorpio an opportunity to take on, tackle, wrestle to the ground, and subdue a personal dragon like that. While it doesn’t have to be a classic book, or the “The most important novel in the last hundred years,” as an example, that seems to fit best. This is more a personal Scorpio goal, rather than a goal dictated by outside forces. Saturn lends time, and it seems like the best way to help move Scorpio forward.

Special sidebar for Scorpio: Ulysses and

15 Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony.

Libra: Saturn in Cap for Libra is about reckoning and reward, in that order. A day, a week, perhaps a year of reckoning occurs as Saturn “squares” particular Libra planets. This is a tension angle, a time of reckoning, the details are best left to accurate astrology calculations for times and fine-tuned symbols, but the idea is that there is a period of time spent with an issue in our our collective Libra face, and then, there are rewards for properly dealing with the issue. Saturn will serve a heap of “I told you so,” and listening to that is what helps get to the reward portion quicker. Saturn is a teacher, so it helps to stay “teachable” to earn rewards quicker — and easier.

Virgo: Saturn in Cap for Virgo is about forging new pathways, perhaps first tracing old pathways so new routes can be mapped, explored, then conquered. New solutions to old problems, or old solutions to new problems. A decent Virgo likes puzzling problems as a challenge, and the real challenge that Saturn in Capricorn brings is how to try a solution that is slightly askew, without that solution being too far afield. Forging new routes that are based on old footpaths, game trails and river right-of-ways that becomes highways, yes, this isn’t without precedent. Old (and tired) solutions repurposed to new problems; or, the other way around, new solutions hitherto unthought, as an answer to old problems.

The Leo: Saturn in Cap for The Leo is about humility. Being humble and kind. Not about humiliation, although, improperly handled, that is how this energy shows up, and no one wants to humiliate The Leo. Instead of strident, dramatic announcements drawing attention the The Leo’s contribution to success? A simple nod of the head, knowingly acknowledging it when someone else notices. The expression, “Yeah, I might’ve helped a little,” is far better than the grandiose, “See! I did that!” For The Leo, humility prevents humiliation. Saturn is funny like that.

Cancer: Saturn in Cap for Cancer is about making peace with authority figures. For the duration of the transit, at one time or another, Saturn will directly oppose the Cancer’s Sun and planets. While emblematic and symbolic on many levels, the clearest message is to get comfortable with not being in charge. Not being in charge of certain aspects of the Cancer’s life, easiest way to understand it. Like a little kid I was overseeing, “You’re not the boss of me,” in a petulant tone. Yeah, I kind of am. For the time being, anyway. Saturn teaches Cancer how to deal with not being in control.

Gemini: Saturn in Cap for Gemini, the Sign of the Twins? All about a single thematic course of study. No Gemini really wants to concentrate on just one topic for the next three years, but there is the suggestion that Saturn will impart unusual discipline and direction, making goals easier to attain — provided — the single provision for Gemini, provided that it is the correct course and direction. Three years is a long time to some, especially Gemini. Pick carefully, and see if the interest, that unique Gemini curiosity doesn’t find a topic that is worth digging deeper and deeper into, see if that doesn’t start to excite the Gemini mind. Minds.

Taurus: Saturn in Cap for Taurus is about begrudging respect. Respect that is earned through typically Taurus patience and stoic preservation. Pretty simple the challenge is to not overcomplicate this next, year-long cycle. Jupiter is good, and Jupiter in Capricorn is good to Taurus — provided — big proviso here — stoic stubbornness is quietly observed. Walk. Don’t run. Patient consideration before taking a plunge. Maybe dip a toe instead of jumping in? Just that typical Taurus resolute and steadfast ability to stick to a single point with no variances? That’s what serves best for this cycle. There will be temptations, what with Jupiter offering all kinds of distractions, and the trick? Begrudging respect.

Aries: Saturn in Cap for Aries is essentially a square, and as Saturn squares the Aries elements, there’s a tamper on the fire. Not going out, but the exuberance can be curtailed for the time being. Saturn will spend the time testing. Using the scientific method works best for this influence. Change one parameter; test the new hypothesis. Success? Move forward. Failure? Change one more item, then test again. Remember that Saturn will — eventually — reward the due diligence. Saturn in Capricorn for Aries: trust the “scientific” process. Change one parameter at a time, then test. Change one then test again.

Pisces : Saturn in Cap for Pisces reminds me of a trailer in a trailer park that is no longer there, in old South Austin. The trailer I occupied had a single, sliding glass door that opened on one side to a makeshift patio. As such, sitting there, if the curtains were pulled back, anyone passing by could watch me tapping on a keyboard, or, at one point in time, there was a webcam, again, watch me typing. Not very interesting, but the idea of transparency and making the mundane visible, or, in this example for Pisces, making it where we can watch you work? That’s what the next few years will be about. Might be plain, old fashioned, perhaps pedestrian Pisces magic, but the rest of the signs want to know how you make that happen. Saturn in Capricorn will demand some Pisces transparency. Pisces: show your friends how the magic works.

Aquarius : Saturn in Cap for Aquarius gets weird. In older western astrological associations, some Aquarius types are “ruled by” Saturn, which in turn creates a strange dynamic with the relationship between Aquarius and Saturn’s cosmic authority. Hint: Saturn usually wins, in the bigger picture. There is a call for a foundation of certain bedrock spiritual principles for Aquarius, and that’s the main focus for the next few years. What are the rites, rituals, and concrete elements of the Aquarius belief system? An integral part of most religions, organized or other, is ritual. Stand up, sit down, kneel, cross yourself, sing the songs, sling incense, repeat the mantra, pray, mediate, all of that is part of a human experience and ritual is requisite. This is an exploration into various tenets of the Aquarius belief system, as defined personally, and then, which parts are concrete? More a question than an answer, but it serves as a cosmic guideline for the duration of Saturn in Capricorn. sig

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