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Bexar County Line

No Comments on the joke, or the obvious meaning, of the quick peak at the cards.

Ace of Wands tends to new beginnings with that particular one showing fiery Tree of Life image buried in its form.

Eight of Disks, with its keyword, “Prudence” reminding us to be prudent with spending.

Ten of Cups, with its keyword, “Satiety,” again, with a Tree of Life image clearly visible, promising happy ending in love — the cups overflow with fiery life-essential emotion, fulfilling the points on the figure.

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No Comments on the title, “Quick Peak?”

If it was a short look, a glance at the cards themselves, it would be a “Quick Peek,” but the misspelling was intentional.

Tarot Cards

The tarot cards have long fascinated me as an adjunct to what I do. Symbolic, deeply imbued with all kinds of mystical claptrap, one of the more important passages I read about the cards themselves points out that they are not mentioned in Chaucer. Astrology is mentioned; the tarot cards are not mentioned.

While the symbolism is aeons old, yeah, the cards themselves are more recent. Just verifiable facts, and I am by no means an expert or legitimate data source.

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No Comments just intrigued me as there were no comments on either the cards themselves or the deeper meaning — imbued within the images on the cards themselves.

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