The Dead Files

The Dead Files

In the old fashioned newspaper business, I believe this was called The Morgue, the catalog and ensuing ever-growing collection of dead media. Material that has been posted but is no longer of use.

Newspapers themselves are such an unstable form of media, the medium itself highly mutable in nature, and — at one time — always referred to as “Bird Cage liner,” which is not exactly flattering. Only suitable for domesticated fowl excrement?

I tired of the old moniker, and spun that off to a separate URL, the blessedly short-lived, 2-year experiment of Sky Friday. When I got around to folding that material back in, I just imported it all back to the old blog, as the motor was up-to-date, just no new content. As two other sites I manage have run past their expected lifespan, I gradually folded the material back into xenon, as well.

The name for that blog, “Xenon,” is from a pinball machine I owned, as a collector, for a narrow window of time, one of those, “If I ever own a house, I’ll have one of these” statements. All that is left are some graphics, and even those are limited, at best. However, about the time I earnestly studied astrology, I made a conscious decision to quit being batted around life like a pinball in a machine, life’s flippers pushing me back for a new high score.

The Dead Files

It was — the first digital loss — the first one? The United Kingdom URL I had for a brief time, and I was no longer able to show a valid UK address so the sanctioning body canceled my website rental. All those London images, maybe a decade or more, went back into xenon.

When the experiment I called Sky Friday was less than successful for me? Essentially two years of daily musing got rolled back into xenon.

“Oh Saturn, thy cruelty knows no bounds!”

Dissolving and saying good bye to a partnership with my coastal connection meant another set of images were being imported into xenon.

So in deference to the old ways of the days of yore?

It’s now the morgue, of sorts.

In part, it is wonderfully freeing because it concatenates a group of somewhat disparate web collections, some written, some visual, and places all of that material in one location as part of the basic structure. It is all less convoluted, now.

The advantage of the basic structure is that it is all portable, as in, I can easily export the content of one site and import it into another.

Build it correctly, from the ground up, establish that foundation, do it right — correctly — and the rest is easy.

The Dead Files

As the older generations are gradually fading away, there is a mountain of crap left behind. Old china, records, paper trails, paper clips, and rubber bands. In some cases, there are entire houses full of knick-knacks and other tangible material that — at one time — held deep meaning for the owners. Think: heirloom quality furniture.

However, does that fit within our current lifestyles? That greatest generation, and the boomers, raised from a sense of depression era lack, any tangible items could be, should be, has been, saved.

Lot of that crap needs to be recycled.

Still, not so much in a tangible product way, other than books, I hold onto to very little. Still, that digital ephemera? That‘s different, I guess. All of it winds up in one place, these days, The Dead Files — suitably archived at

The Dead Files

My version of the dead files, though, there is use for them. Best current example? I wrote material about the eclipses, actions, and reactions, and some oracle-type coded predictions, then, as the eclipse got closer, I merely referred questions to the posts. Some dead files have reusable value, think: resale value.

Other, older material? Might only hold interest for me. Never can tell what gets the traffic.

Consolidating material like that?

It is a Mercury in Retrograde inspired thematic action.

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