Saturn Direct in Sagittarius

Saturn Direct in Sagittarius

Might be time to give it all a rest. Retire Drawer for Wishes, an artistic success, but commercial failure. No worries, just pull it from the digital shelves. Retire the URL.

Indubitably the URL will get picked up by some farm that realizes it has a few links back to it, but that doesn’t generate enough business to justify its existence, not by my meager numbers.

There’s still another year left on the domain name itself, so I’ll let that be for now. Made sense at one time.

As Saturn turns around, there’s a small amount of letting go still occurring in Sagittarius, and this might be an example.

Hurricanes, floods, fires, there’s a hint that cleansing is an ongoing process, and seriously, Mercury, Full Moon, Eclipse Action, Saturn in Sagittarius, all starts to add up? sig

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