Reincarnation Blues

Reincarnation Blues

Reincarnation Blues – Michael Poore

Bought this, at a regular bookstore, in a weak moment. Looked like a nice cover, blurb and title looked enticing. I read no review, no inducement from outside sources or passing commentary, none of that. Pure impulse.

Reincarnation Blues

Attractive, evocative cover art. “Gut instinct.”

Gut instinct or impulse buy? Author I am totally not familiar with, and looked like a bit of fun. A day or two later, the hurricane rolled into town.

A day or so after that I finished the last book I was reading, and cracked open the book. Immediately, I was swept away, the very first incarnation introduced is a fishing guide in the Florida Keys, who thinks he’s doing well because he fishes and gives advice. Sounds familiar?

Death is also a character, and early on, she reminded me of someone I’ve known, although, I can’t place the name now. But in the book? The character in the text reminds me of, I think she was more an amalgam of people I’ve known, one comes front of mind, I can see her, but cannot seem to place her in real life, just various points along the way.

Death, and rebirth, funny how that goes.

Mix Zen Buddhism with old-school, New Orleans Voodoo? Nice bit of trickery and sleight of verbal hand.

It might be a love story for the ages?

Perhaps this is a parable for modern times, like a carefully fleshed-mythology system.

Some of the early blurb-type reviews suggested Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy as a valid comparison. Doubt that. What the prose itself reminded me of was Tom Robbins.

Tom Robbins lyrical prose if there was deeper meaning in that body of work.

In other places, there was a thick theological treatise as part of the underpinning. In era when the average attention span is 140 characters, the novel is a singular structure that sets out to collect 10,000 lifetimes in a single successful story.

Begs comparison to early Kurt Vonnegut, more than anything else. But with its wee little novel heart out on its sleeve. Wears its heart on its dust jacket?

Romance, only not the bodice-ripper kind.

Certainly recommended. sig

Kramer –

Reincarnation Blues

Reincarnation Blues – Michael Poore

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