Kingsmen Golden Circle

Kingsmen Golden Circle

Got out of the movie and by the end, I had to pee like a racehorse. But halfway through, the action was so much fun, basically enough story to engage but not too much, just action, and more action.

Last I’d seen the movie was slaughtered by critics. Comments like, “Not enough continuity,” and “thin plot,” and besides the guys from the previous movie, the new characters don’t add much to the story.

I spent close to two hours riveted by action, musical jokes, heart-thumping action, cool in the face of fire plucky Brits, and even more action.

Besides the main characters, seemed like every other actor was a cameo appearance. However evil villain herself? She was campy, over-the-top cool, and frightening, all in the same breath.

For starters saw this at The Alamo Drafthouse where bad movies are good, and then a halfway good movie like this is better. Seats, sounds, clean and commodious bathrooms, but most important? Good food. While I tend to opt for a pizza, the menu item for this was an English theme food, turned out tasty.

The film it self is high camp, nothing more. Next time I read about a film savaged by critics, just makes me doubt their guidelines.

Stupid fun movie.

Kingsmen Golden Circle

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Walking out of the movie, a guy ahead of me stopped to tie his shoelace.

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