Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Scorpio on October 10, 2017 at 8:20 AM, CDT — your mileage may vary — see dealer for details.

Jupiter turns east (retrograde) March 8, 2018 (23 Scorpio) until July 10, 2018 (13 Scorpio).

Jupiter eventually leaves Scorpio November 8, 2018 at 7:38 AM CDT.

Those are the particulars. What they mean? As an interpretation? As the old appellation goes, Jupiter is the “The Lucky Star,” and that brings — what?

Jupiter in Scorpio

“Less is more.” Jupiter tends towards excess, and Jupiter pushes for acquisition and advancement through purchases. However, with ascetic Scorpio, the mantra, “Less is more” bears fruit.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Libra


The Scales

The recent round of hurricanes decimated my stash of coastal fishing gear — material I left in a cache at the coast. With that all gone, the first idea is to acquire all new gear. However, with the current ebb and flow in Libra, maybe pausing, stopping, and putting this off would serve us better. I have a certain amount of equipment that can be dual purpose, good for bass fishing or heading to the coast and saltwater, as well. Minor adjustments makes this gear work both ways, and it’s been close to a dozen years since I’ve used fishing gear as dual-purpose. However, shifting that from the idea of “loss,” and moving towards the concept of winnowing, it does serve best. And for Libra? That’s what this might be about; how we’re served best; less is more.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Scorpio



This is about making a statement, and the difference between this placement for Scorpio, and this placement for any other sign? Scorpio Style plays a much heavier hand in the Jupiter influence. So making a statement, Scorpio style means asserting that Scorpio essence and presence without drawing too much overt attention to one’s Scorpio self. How to advance a proposition, how to gain ground, both professionally and personally, and how to get ahead while rolling over thy enemies? In proper Scorpio Style, execute your maneuvers with planning and careful action, but make sure you do so in a quiet way, off to one side. The loudest noise should not be that Scorpio drawing attention to him or her self. The normal reaction to Jupiter is a loud and brash, and that can use a helpful dose of Scorpio Style subterfuge and misdirection, or, to some, Scorpio Stealth.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Sagittarius



When asked, first blush, I identify as a writer. That‘s how I see myself, in the shortest, most concise terms possible. As a Sagittarius, this is the perfect cover for the next year-long transit of Jupiter, our Sagittarius planet, in Scorpio, as this is the time to knock out that novel length manuscript. Best use of this year-long transit’s energy, for Sagittarius? Starting in a month is the usual “Write a novel in a month” thing. Do that. Or a similar project that requires a Sagittarius ass in a seat, working alone, towards long-term goal, with a task that is best accomplished while flying solo. This is a great time for long-range, self-directed projects that might take longer than 30 days, and, “We work alone.”

Jupiter in Scorpio for Capricorn


The Sea Goat

A favorite aphorism I pass on frequently? “The good lord helps them that helps themselves.” Short expression, but it will be echoed, over and over, and this not dependent on any one belief system, either, as, this week I tend towards the Eastern doctrines a little more. Still, the underlying sentiment is one that shows — independent of belief system (religion) — that the effort to better our fellow people gets rewarded. Helping other people help our Capricorn selves. Defies logic to some, and there will one interpretation of the statement, “The good lord helps them that helps themselves,” as meaning looking out for Capricorn and not worrying about other people. I tend to drawl it out, the expression, and it is about being of service to fellow mankind, or animal-kind, or whatever, and seeing that reap great rewards in the Capricorn life. Which is what Jupiter in Scorpio is all about, right?

Jupiter in Scorpio for Aquarius


The Water Bearer

In more traditional set-ups, this is supposedly good for business. I won’t denigrate that concept, but as this is also a “square” for Aquarius? There will be some tensions. I have a number of fishing shirts with my name and company name clearly embroidered over the pockets. Walking into the grocery store, some — seemingly — random guy says, “Hello Kramer!” I look down, see if I was wearing a shirt with my name, no, I wasn’t, and then, a puzzled look, I ask where I know him from. I‘ve done readings in this neighborhood for close to three decades. I shop locally. “We live two streets over, remember?” Or, it could just be a neighbor. Who knew? The passing neighbor was clean-shaven, when he was last seen walking his dog, he was bearded, hence my confusion. Still, once my confusion cleared, he asked about seeing my professionally, as Jupiter enters Scorpio, and he had a question. So, yes, get over the initial shock, and this can be good for business.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Pisces


The Fishes

There’s a traditional interpretation that I would take a lead from, and bounce this off Pisces. Seems like we all have a story to tell. It’s that simple, we all have a tale, and Jupiter in Scorpio starts to push Pisces towards a podium, a pulpit, a lectern, or similar kind of placement for telling the story. In whatever capacity it is. Could be a free blog on the wide world internet thing. Cold be any number of definitions, but figuring out what that story is part of the way to successfully, and expertly negotiate this good little lift from Jupiter. Finding the best place to tell that tale, as we all have a story to tell, that’s part of the next year’s adventure. Because — look at the symbol for Pisces — there is an inherent duality in the message? It is also a good time to learn to listen to the story that everyone seems to want to tell.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Aries


The Ram

While I’ve been blogging since it was a called a “web journal,” I tended to stick to my main topics of fishing and astrology, with a dose of travel mixed with books and other topics. It wasn’t until this last few years that I became interested in books on tape (digital) or podcasts about specific topics. I do tend to avoid the astrology topic as I do my own work there, but I have recently embraced a couple of Shakespeare podcasts, and there was one course, free online, that was a great overview of Shakespeare’s work. Less of a scholar and more like a dedicated fan? That indicates my level of interest. Several themes that recurred in the plays, echoed in the lectures and then the podcasts helped make for better astrological analysis. The starting point was looking for “Shakespeare blogs,” and while not every Aries will benefit from that exact search term, the idea — Jupiter in Scorpio — is to broaden the search for those items of intellectual interest to Aries. Like, take term — Shakespeare was my example — and add “blog” or “podcast” to expression. Might take some digging, but there is an Aries interest that can benefit from renewed study in an Aries-specific arcane area.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Taurus


The Bull

In a more traditional setting, this is about love and romance. However, there’s a secondary influence and this more about how that Taurus energy can relate — and interact — with certain other people. “Mending fences” is the term, and the implied action is repairing what was once broken. Damages, hurts, irrevocably destroyed, all of these kinds of persona, interactions benefit from this transit of Jupiter opposite Taurus. Repair what has been rent asunder. Developing an outward focus is the first part, but then, being willing to address and redress previous injuries helps move the kind-hearted Taurus forward. Focus outward befits the internal lifestyle. Jupiter in Scorpio offers a big assist in making this type of endeavor go — much — smoother.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Gemini


The Twins

There is a good shot at Gemini career advancement possible. This forward motion is dependent on as couple of factors and one of those where Gemini sits with respect to career and career options. The other part of this is about foundations. I had a basic grounding in certain essentials from my time in the academic worlds. With the omnipresent World Wide Web, I have access to digital copies of any number of research tomes in order to back up my claims. However, my basic foundation is in books, and I learned how to locate, cite, recite, and other wise think critically about topics. That’s part of my foundation. The advancement, and then, money-making portion of the Jupiter in Scorpio — for Gemini — bounces off two elements, career options and training, or the foundation and then? Building on that foundation.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Cancer

The Crab - the Moonchild

The Crab

Writers allude to “Finding their voice.” Some of us find multiple voices, but that’s a different story, and might require stronger medication. What Jupiter does for the Moon Children is allow ample opportunity to find one’s voice. The term, “voice,” refers to the authorial tone used by a writer, and then, to extend this all the way across the Moon Child’s landscape? Jupiter in Scorpio for Cancer is about finding that medium for expression. The common complaint is that. “I’m not artistic like that!” Voices and medium, various medias, can refer to any one of number of avenues of self-expression from attire, to style, to one’s domicile, to inward decorations that others might not ever see. Still, these are all valid forms of finding one’s voice, seeking that expression. Shows up in a number of ways. Explore. There are fewer limits, now, less inhibition for self-expression. Find your voice.

Jupiter in Scorpio for The Leo

The Leo

The Leo

Finding peace within yourself and practicing restraint. Finding peace within the The Leo self should be — relatively — easy enough to accomplish. The more difficult is the second half of the equation, practicing restraint. The first half of this Jupiter transit’s effect is essentially Jupiter in your 4th house, and that suggests you click them ruby heels together, and say, “There’s no place like home.” The second part, restraint, is about Jupiter square The Leo planets, and that’s why restraint is urged. I don’t doubt how great you are — not even a question — but that doesn’t mean this is the time to tell the world. Finding peace then practicing restraint. Simple enough, yet the yields are huge, over time.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Virgo


The Virgin

Not to sound to hyperbolic, but take delight in the quotidian. There is always a sense that the huge, the monstrous, the over-sized, the bigger one is best. However, with the placement of Jupiter relative to Virgo, the idea is that there is a sense of delight to be found in everyday, commonplace routines. The sunrise, the sunset, the last sounds of summer, in my neighborhoods. It doesn’t have to be the grand gestures; sometimes this emphasis is about taking delight in the commonplace. The sound of a kettle with water, whistling, as the water is ready to pour over the coffee. The delight, for the next year, as an undercurrent for Virgo? Take delight in everyday matters.

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