Holes – Louis Sachar

One the years, I’ve read a number of books that are set in my adjacent home of West Texas. The bulk of McMurty’s early modern canon; McCathy’s Pretty Horses, et al.; and the odd thriller which employs my next-door native landscape — a particular Lee Child novel comes to mind, Echo Burning.

A year or two after I read Echo Burning, I passed through some of the environs mentioned. There’s a certain sense of having “been there” that only comes from having been there. Hint: it’s not really like the movies, or TV.

Buried on the site, I’m sure there’s a picture of Pecos, TX and its rodeo grounds, or courthouse, or something.

What intrigued me about the title, Holes , was the setting, and I seem to remember, there was a similar place, in the barren landscape of West Texas, the last hundred miles before Midland, way I recall it. Eden? Sound right? I know there are references shot through my work and blogs, but I couldn’t lay a hand on one to build in a pointer, not at this moment.

Holes claims to be YA novel, and I’m obviously not above a quick reading of material like that.

Book became a movie? Author settled in Austin?

Cannot say, didn’t follow up, just know it was — it was a good library book?

Interesting, quick read. If only life was like fiction.


Holes – Louis Sachar


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