Pretty sure it was this week’s horoscopes that I finally completed the most recent round of signs, the symbols, the glyphs I use to mark each sign in the weekly horoscopes .

Project began more than a year ago, and I’m finally at a point where it feels comfortable to me.

My goal was an image of a hand-drawn version of each glyph, then typewriter URL label, and nothing else, each glyph representative of my own, sometimes crude, rendering of the symbols.

The term is “Suicide Blonde,” as in, “dyed by her own hand.”

How I saw these being done. For good or for ill, it’s my handiwork.


I spun out one version, then, as the year marched by, I would — individually — tweak, redraw, and massage each icon. Typically, the first batch was done sketched in a project-management (artist’s) sketch-book, but over the year, I used the backs of business cards, post-it notes, and in one case, the back of a paper receipt that was handy when that moment of inspiration struck.

The only one that is still from the first collection is Aries because, despite subsequent efforts, that original one was still the one I liked the most. Got it right on the first shot, despite some attempts to redraw, I let is sit.

All of this is mere window dressing, a term that might not mean as much, anymore, or, as I’ve come to suggest, super stylin’…. sig

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