Analog Words

Analog Words

The link-bait come-on was about ten literary blogs one should read.

”He words me, girls, he words me”

  • Cleopatra in A&C, V.ii.192

I clicked through on three or four, realizing none of the proffered material was particularly cultured, having less than a few years each, and the design, it was all about selling some ad space. Might’ve been some great writing in there, I never got to it. Too much flash and not enough words.

“Words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart”

  • Troilus in T&C V.iii.102-3

However, one headline mentioned the art, beauty, and attractions of analog audio, which made me think: all digital.

When I launched this endeavor, full-time, I sorted through a number of options to arrive at a portable cassette audio recorder.

Portable cassette recorder? That was jettisoned some time in the early aughts.

More recently, I watched — technical fascination — when one reader had a portable Tascam with CD burner, like record and burn at the same time. Since I’ve been toting various laptops for this entire career, just using Apple’s built-in software seems to work well enough for me. Anymore, I don’t even bother with a CD — MP3s are available.

But this wasn’t about the digital divide, more about analog words. Great headline, wonderful idea, and what it amounts to? For me, the analog version of words — that was my first love — but the delivery changed. All digital, now. All digital.

Analog Words

While I adore the fluid medium of digital delivery, and my system is deeply rooted in both digital process, for creation, curation, delivery, and consumption, the appeal of analog words is still omnipresent.

Analog Words was the starting point, but the delivery mechanism, from inception, is all digital ink. sig

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