All About Kramer Wetzel

Who, me?

I’m a writer, most widely known as the author of one of the web’s longest, continuesly running horoscopes, my Fishing Guide to the Stars.

Over the years, I’ve had a number of biographical and auto-biographical pieces posted about me.

All About Kramer Wetzel

Original Bio —

Not many things can explain him but here are a few. Kramer was born and raised in a small town in East Texas. He has degrees in English literature and considers Shakespeare his soulmate. Kramer sometimes thinks he was Shakespeare in a previous lifetime, but that’s another story.

After many national and international exploits, he decided to make his home in the heart of Texas, the capital city of Austin. He currently resides by the shores of Town Lake, which is really a fork of the Colorado River, in a modest trailer at Shady Acres Trailer Park less than one linear mile from the State Capitol building (which is taller than the one in Washington). He hopes to add indoor plumbing to his residence in the immediate future. “Yes Kramer, we all have dreams.”

Like any good Sagittarius, he has lived a number of lifetimes in this one: motorcycle mechanic, nightclub owner, computer guru and now his current, unparalleled specialty: Fishing Guide to the Stars. From his careful study of mythology to his contemporary journalistic documentation that Texans are descended from a race of Space Aliens, Kramer is a professor of the human condition.

Portions of that bio almost pre-date the internet. Almost. Some of that is the original text from 1991/3

All About Kramer Wetzel

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