Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo

The difference 70 miles can make?

I had an interaction with a client, one of those situations where the “seer” (me) wasn’t seeing what the client wanted seen.

Not reading what the customer wanted red.

I used terminology that would be 100% normal in Austin. In San Antonio? Not so much.

However as a better way to illustrate the difference, in Austin? I can wear a Pink Flamingo bandana, and the only upturned eyebrow will be, “Know where I can get one of those? I like it.” Common comment — again, Austin — not gender-specific.

Walking into the rock shop one morning, a couple of the counter clerks squealed, “I saw those for sale! Almost got one for you! We should all wear one!”

Pink Flamingo

There was a time, when one nursery used to have a flock of pink flamingoes that would gradual migrate out to their corner’s verge, but, apparently, the recent influx of out-of-town residents didn’t appreciate the subtle humor. No idea, I lost track.

But the idea remains, and alongside a buddha, I have a small collection of pink flamingos in my own backyard, de rigueur, non?

Pink Flamingo

So obscure, outlandish, bright, garish, flippant, rude, gnarly dude, all of that is OK in Austin. In San Antonio, now, I have to be slightly more circumspect.

Odd, there just seems to be a slightly more upscale kind of client in San Antonio. Maybe that’s it?

The Pink Flamingo, whether it’s on a shirt, on a bandana on my head, or in the yard? That seems to be a telling difference.

Pink Flamingo

Picture of the bandana’s pattern is here

Greetings from Austin

Greetings from Austin

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