iPad 10.5

iPad 10.5

Interesting review. Points to the problem with “Fake News” and journalism in general. I tend to trust that site, pretty implicitly, as, over the years, the narrator has proven to be correct, time and again.

But the site isn’t an outlet like that. Just one person’s voice, who, over the years, has proven good, time and again.

My singular complaint about my iPad Pro (12.9) is the size. It is not comfortable for me, to read a book, in bed. Granted, it is lighter than some epic tomes, but yeah, not nearly as comfortable as the older, slightly smaller form factor, iPad (earlier version, now called a 9.7)

See how it works. I still have, after the years, the keyboard and keyboard holder that flips out, or farther, folds out to make a device-agnostic stand with an Apple Wireless Keyboard part of the picture.

Yes, we’ll just see how this works.

iPad 10.5

Other review here.

One friend — I know her retirement portfolio has Apple Stock, and she wears an Apple iWatch — she suggested the incremental upgrade wasn’t worth the price. She was all about not getting the new one. She also has several old ones with no serious means of recycling.

What was fun, almost comic, is that the shift from one machine back to another, albeit slightly smaller form factor, the shit was less difficult than I thought it would be. Overthinking the cellular data package, al that was required was slipping out a SIM card and popping it into the new machine. Almost too easy.

Don’t overthink an upgrade.

iPad 10.5 & Workflow

Ten Percent, maybe a touch more. Most weeks, I produce a short video/podcast clip.

That was my first full battery test execution, about a five minute video, shot, edited, and then uploaded — burned a little more than ten percent of the battery. I was trying to use LTE only, but that didn’t work out: WiFi was faster.

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