Comic Sans

Comic Sans

At the old, original location for my blog,, I wanted a casual feel to the material. Like an old pair of faded jeans, worn through at the knees and maybe ripped along a seam, one hem torn, rent asunder.

The original book covers, I used Comic Sans as a type, preferring a casual, sort of like handwriting, but not really, kind of feel. Now it is mocked, as a design element, clunky, over-wrought. At the time? It reflected that casual, right out of the trailer park, look and feel I wanted.

Because it is casual. This whole conversation, non-stop for a quarter of a century now, off the cuff, off the rails, at times, I am wrong, not that it would stop me from pondering out loud, and in public.

Comic Sans

It was, in retrospect, a bad choice then, but this is a bad choice I live with, even now. I have a few older copies of my books, and there it is, in all its purported casual glory and bad typography: Comic Sans.

We all makes mistakes.

I wanted a handwritten look, without actually using my own near-illegible hieroglyphic-type of symbols lettering.

These days, I opt for simplest, easiest to read. I watched as one site cycled back to a simpler format, one that I would love to emulate, but the design looks almost too-retro. Like using Comic Sans.

Comic Sans

Goes back to formative piece of software that did prompt creative potential, making it easy to layout comic book looking designs, and it included a special bit-mapped font that was comic book lettering.

Think that’s where this started, for me, that aged software, didn’t even use it for that long, but the casual essence it imparted was what was so important.

Comic Sans

I did have, still do to a certain extent, have that aggressively casual sense about me. By limiting choices, like, what to wear, I free my mind for what I tend to like the most, crafting my horoscopes.

Comic Sans is still on the covers of the first books, and I think, maybe as headers in Two-Meat Tuesday.


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