Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds

Sequel? Maybe.

I picked this up from a recommendation from a recommendation, and I thought I’d a least try it out. Strong, female lead, quirky characters, and easy-to-read prose.

The first novel by this author I ever read was a re-purposed gift, the original title, along about its 100th printing, in mass market paperback form. My old buddy in El Paso was, at one time, a bounty hunter, and that tale gets woven into her patter.

A client gave her a copy of the book, and eventually, not being much of a fiction reader, Grace passed it on to me. Never one to look a gift book in the mouth, I recall reading the book, but I can’t find any notes I made. Pretty sure it was the double-aughts, just as a timeline, but other than that? I recall it was the first, and only, novel of that ilk I read.

Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds – Janet Evanovich

Dangerous Minds: A Knight and Moon Novel

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