— Is there an app for that? — Is there an app for that?

The short answer?


The longer explanation? — Is there an app for that?

The site is “mobile responsive” or “responsive,” and that means the data is displayed just fine on a phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, desktop, or laptop — not sure how it looks on a watch, my watch doesn’t have “internet.”

But the way it works, equally easy to get to across any device, and then, with no app? Nothing to download. No extra layers. — Is there an app for that?

In an increasingly complex and crazy world, I’m going for the easiest way to do this. One, common element. No app, no extraneous programming, a simple organization, and a simple structure.

Easy for me to maintain, and easy for users to access. — Is there an app for that?

So, “Is there an app for that?”

Short answer?


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