Night School

Night School

Night School – Lee Child

Jack Reacher. Dependable, for sure.

“Drink more coffee,” Reacher said. “That usually fixes things up.” Page 57.

It’s an engaging read, as always. Too funny, to weigh the literary character, Jack Reacher, against the character on screen, played by Tom Cruise. In my mind, while I enjoy both, but in my mind, the guy in the book is very different. He’s big, he’s not exactly pretty, and he is dressed in cheap clothes, for him, disposable clothing.

Traveling light.

As experiences, they are very different, the book and the movie, hopefully, a movie series. Both are pure, escapist fiction.

The story is an older version of Jack Reacher, and harkens back to a simpler time. Good read, get to that point, about halfway through, I don’t want to go to work, or go to sleep, rather just read.

According to background, press release material, the author doesn’t plan it too much, just starts writing. How I work, but I do consult charts, first. The tight plotting as this one builds to a climax, though, partially predictable, partially surprise, some suspense? The tension seems like there was a plot outline, lurking someplace.

Not that I trust what I read online too much. Then, too, there’s the suggestion that there is a certain amount of commercial appeal written into the books, a specific formula executed flawlessly.

Maybe so. Doesn’t bother me. Action, adventure, and crisp delivery, and more than enough detail to engage me.

Who doesn’t love a giant with a solid sense of ethics, and no moral ambiguity?

Night School – Lee Child

Night School

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