Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

All about the language with introductory quote from this week, a perfect example. I worked on that, in its longer form as a monologue because I’m so very fond of its message. All about order and chaos, and way things should go. Unlike the way things do go, which is a different version of that tale.

In the audio files I’ve been listening to, there’s a very uneven quality to the recordings, and the two passages I love the most, wanted the most to be done properly? Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba–dump. One passage is the introduction to Richard III, “Now is the winter of our discontent, &c.” The other was that long passage from Ulysses in T&C.

Not that I could do any better, but over the years, I’ve become much more attuned to the lines, when done rightly.

It’s all about right use of the language.

Romeo and Juliet

One of my fishing buddies, his trick is to freeze a couple of gallon bottles of water, just, like a plastic milk jug? Freeze about three of those and leave them in the cooler. Fish we catch stays cool. No need to buy ice; saves money. For the outdoor show at Winedale? Freeze a bottle of water. Best trick, ever. The waiter is ice–cold, and over the traffic of the stage, during that two–hour play, the water serves to help with the heat.

Romeo and Juliet

I know that I use this analogy in horoscopes, and I already dropped this into an upcoming Mercury in Retrograde piece. Watching their version, the interpretation, I was struck, again, by the power of Romeo. He has moves. He has passion. His intended is The Leo, as she was born on Lammas Eve, in other words, August 1. Ask me when I’m working with any Leo, yes, they are the best.

This was the last play in a cycle of three, and previously, the two lead characters had supporting roles. Not much of note. Romeo, especially, his previous roles seemed a bit insipid. Just not a lot of backbone.

As he furiously kills on stage? The power and the passion, all properly evoked.

And his love interest?

Romeo and Juliet

In most performances, there is at least one stellar role. Juliet nailed it.

In performance, Romeo and Juliet, University of Texas / Winedale, and on tour.

The final scene, we all know this does not go well, but the choice was a funeral dirge as every player shuffled off, stage mumbling the intro, effectively bringing the play full circle.

Very satisfying.



The farmhouse where we stayed? The next morning, I was fixing coffee, and I noticed a certain selection.

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