Tool Time Markdown

Tool Time Markdown

Before WordPress, and there was a time before the ubiquity of that front end, but before WordPress? I used an engine — a software motor — that had a nascent version of Markdown.

“Markdown” is like shorthand, and even now, not many folks know what shorthand is. One news reporter I worked alongside, 20, 25 years distant? He used to fill up notebook after notebook with shorthand notes. A now–lost set of skills that might be handy, if the simplicity of recording with a phone wasn’t so commonplace.

So the structure, I’m not even too sure about all the roots, but the term has crept into popular web idiom, as of late, and it’s all set up to be easy, to help “flow” while writing. I’ve used a version of this, so the transition is logical and super–easy for me.

Biggest help?

Writing in Markdown – Matt Gemmell

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