iPhemeris — the app.

In a recent reading I was doing, I was calculating midpoints in my head. Not terribly difficult given the stellium in that particular astrology chart, no, certainly not brain science — not rocket surgery. Not for me.

However, as an add–on, I found that my iPad astrology app could do that, too.



Either at the rock shop in Austin, or at events in San Antonio — chances are I’m using my iPad apps as much, these days, as the old stand–by, the Apple laptop thing.

On my phone, I use the “Sky Now” feature most frequently, almost exclusively — just easier for a quick glance at what’s where. And why what is going is going on, and then, possibly, what it means.

iPhemeris – Clifford Ribaudo

Can always go old–school, and use the book:

The American Ephemeris 1950–2050 at Midnight

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