The Last Mile

The Last Mile

The Last Mile – David Baldacci

Forensic literature studies, I have to wonder, but in reviews of reviews, from sources, it looks like Shakespeare wrote Henry 6th Part 2 before Part 1. If I recall, the evidence is based on two sources, the Stationary Register and Records of Performances, both — it’s a Brit thing — from the Elizabethean Bureaucracy.

Memory Man introduced a character, protagonist, along the lines of an anti–hero, but always on the side of justice, &c.

Character’s name is Amos Decker, and he’s back.

“Did you forget about me?”

Memory, his super power.

Decker did not believe in fate, or even its little cousin, serendipity. Page 8.

With pieces of this tale set in West Texas, part way through, I kept wondering if this was an alternative version of No Country for Old Men, just as variations on a theme.

One of those books, might as well set aside an evening, and just finish reading it — the plot has few holes, but many twists, making it a fun ride, bit of a rush.

I know I read — and enjoyed immensely — No Country For Old Men — but I cannot locate a review I wrote. One passing mention about the film, that’s it.

But that’s just a tiny portion of the story. Some of it, carefully plotted is a suprising dance at the end. Twists and turns to the last page. Well, completely done within the last two pages. Still, the pace is frantic until the very end.

It’s a good read. Fun.

The Last Mile – David Baldacci

The Last Mile (Amos Decker series)

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