More Roots

More Roots

More Roots are visible here – part of an engaging image.

Where that image was collected? That’s now a parking lot of a low-rise, mixed–use space. Paved over the older neighborhood, and put up a small building. Having decamped those environs, I can no longer say, but at the time?

That was one of the founding images, just something enegimatic, captivating to me, and some kind of symbolism on a particular level that I don’t quite grasp, yet keep getting drawn back to. Not quite urban decay, but perhaps “old growth urban” places.

Bexar County Line

Digging around brought up one of my rather common Pink Cake images.

Bexar County Line

There’s just something about the lands, “Viva Fiesta” banners snapping in a spring breeze — the shape, the colors, the motion, those “Fiesta” banners look — to me — like Tibetean prayer flags. Same size, same shape, similar colors, the singular difference between the two are the content, and when the banners are vigorously waving? Who can tell?

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