Jimmy Buffett

“Scamp walker time again …”

Jerry Jeff Walker replaced ZZ Top as the opener for Jimmy Buffett’s Memorial Day show — Dallas. Which means it was a soccer stadium in Frisco, not even in Dallas County.

Jerry Jeff, as soon as he opened with that line, it triggers a flood of memories, and by now? All good memories through the hazy patina of time.

The story is that’s Jerry Jeff introduced Jimmy Buffett to Key West, and the rest is history — with pause for tequila and limes in Austin. Veracity is not assured.

Takes a Capricorn to appreciate a Capricorn?

Might be a bit older than me, but — I do astrology charts so I ask when and where someone was born — both my Buffett Buddy and Jerry Jeff were born in NY. My little Capricorn friend, she was raised in Texas, and she’s been to see the other Capricorn — 70 on Dec. 25 this year — Jimmy Buffett, many more times than me. Girl was raised in Houston, Texan — East Texan to her core.

Official Hurricane Season hasn’t even started and yet, this second? Third — maybe — East Texas flood, rain of epic proportions?

Ever wonder why there are so many Texas Music songs about rain like this? From a flood to a drought to floods again.

“It’s flooding down in Texas, all the telephone lines are down…”

Buffett’s original pedal steel player is still with him, and, from stage banter, has been on every album since the beginning. From Lubbock, originally. Lubbock, TX.

“I went from sleeping naked in my 40’s to wearing more clothes to sleep in than I wear to work.”

Guess you had to be there.

Marketing notes, which, when one is already a success, makes me unsure — veracity not verified. The Jimmy Buffett website ran a poll, asking what songs he hadn’t played in the last ten years, what songs did the fans want to hear. The number one request, for Dallas? Barometer Soup.

Everyone on the Phone

Everyone on the Phone

Closed out with Everyone’s on the Phone, with obvious results.

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