Lather Rinse Repeat

Lather Rinse Repeat

A professional associate quizzed me about the upcoming eclipses.

“What does that mean, the eclipse in Pisces?”

When I hear a question a time or two, I have answers, maybe not hard and fast predictions, but answers. General questions get general answers. As soon as I hear myself repeating the same answer for a third time, no matter the location or circumstances? Then it is time to put that answer in print and post it.

If I have to answer the same question more than once, then that question, listen to the people asking the questions, then that question can be called up as an answer via a post.

This kind of answer can show up in a number of formats, whether it’s styled as, “Can you look at my web page?” Or it can be, “What does the next Mercury Retrograde mean to me?”

Lather Rinse Repeat

As soon as that question shows up a third time? I commit it to print, either in horoscopes or on a weblog post. Or both, on occasion.

The term, “Lather Rinse Repeat’” is borrowed from marketing terminology, and that term is short-hand for, “If it works, then repeat the process, over and over.”

The original phrase, I thimk, was an ad for shampoo? Conditioner? I cannot say, for sure, either way. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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