Banners and Titles

Banners and Titles

Came up in discussion, but the question is my label.

“Astrologer. I’m an astrologer.”

I’m a writer, web–hack, patient observer of humanity, I run a daily photoblog. My sense of the absurd was honed in a South Austin trailer park. I tend to use the language of astrology as it speaks to me. Gives me common ground with others. I have many job titles. Not always evident, but I tend to be a minimalist.

More than 20 years ago, sitting on an airplane, headed west for work, lady sitting next to me appraised my attire, and she asked, “What you do?” Guessing I was a musician.

“I’m an astrologer.”

She promptly turned her palm up, “What does it say?”

Banners and Titles

So the discussion point, and while that wasn’t the first time, it’s the time I clearly remember my answer, peering at her palm, “So what’s your birthday?”

Roll with what gets thrown at us. I used to be quite quick on my feet. Or seat, as I was sitting. At the time. Easiest way to deal with it.

Banners and Titles

“Banners and Titles” refers to the various labels. I get called a “psychic,” I choose to refer to myself, ironically and comically, as a fortuneteller. What I do as is basic astrology, packaged up with intuition, and really, much patient observations about humanity, and that’s how this plays out.

To be sure, I do, on certain occasions, connect with the greater subconscious, and tie myself into the ethereal plain, but even when that doesn’t happen? I’ve been at this long enough, I can do a pretty good technical reading.

While currently advertised only at the Rock Shop, I picked up tarot cards, close to thirty years ago, and I’ve been reading them, as well. Usually on demand, and usually, only by fervent request. To me, the cards are largely symbolic, and I read — and write — sufficient astrology material so the cards, to me, hold less efficacy. Not a deterrent to my clientele, though, to be honest.

Banners and Titles

The titles I’ve held in this career along the way?

  • Card Reader
  • Clairvoyant
  • Spiritual Counselor
  • Professional Psychic
  • Astrologist
  • Reader of the Night Sky
  • Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Archetypical Symbologist
  • Terms, banners and titles I prefer?

  • Reader
  • Writer
  • Consultant
  • Author
  • Astrologer
  • A new title that’s popped up from working at the Rock Shop?

    “Bare Foot Astrologer,” which is quite nice, has a good tone, as that title directly references my favorite book title (and web workshop):

    Bexar County Line

    Portable Mercury Retrograde

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