Write Every Day

Write Every Day

It’s that simple. I tend to have a similar output, 500 to 2K words in a day.


I tend to write, every day. Every morning. It’s like coffee. Me, keyboard, words appear. The stories start to describe a course across the screen, and I’m not totally thinking about it.

While it all started with just the horoscopes, it’s grown. I’ve completed a couple of novel-length manuscripts. I’ve got another project, still in the creative birth canal, even as I tap this out.

Write Every Day

I pieced together, from a professor’s novel, which had a character who wrote 4 typed, manuscript pages every morning. Another business affiliate from my dark past suggested writing in the morning, “Before you pee.” Exact words.

Four typed, double-spaced pages is roughly equal to a thousands words. So my simplest goal is a thousand words, every day.

via The Brooks Review, which, I might add, is one of the few subscription sites — besides my own — that’s really worth the money.


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