In the Closet

In the Closet

Date enough Virgo girls, and it — eventually — rubs off. I’ve never claimed to be clean, or a clean freak, but I am tidy. There’s a difference, and, in part, this stems from living in a trailer park in South Austin for so long — enforced etiquette. Structure and minimalism in small spaces.

In the Closet

In the Closet

So the bright and shiny, OCD dream place, the Container Store sells organizational tools. Helping install a closet set, I work best in a supervisory role, but I will admit, I glanced at the instructions.

Getting Started In the Closet

The instructions are clear, a bit verbose, but quite clear. And the first line?

Remove all contents from your space and donate or sell all items no longer needed.

Built right into the written instructions, right there, at the top, the first line? The first step?

    Remove all contents from your space and donate or sell all items no longer needed.

I’m unsure if it is humor, dry wit, or common sense that seems lacking, but the instructions are clear. In order to be organized by the Container Store standards, one must get rid of material no longer serving a purpose. Sell or donate.

That one hall closet kit, it was a simple installation, but, like the good Container Store instructions suggested, had to get rid of crap, first.

Makes it easier when dealing with a Virgo, too: “See? Says to get rid of that crap, first.”

When the Moon is in Virgo? Good time to get organized?

In the Closet really refers to that “Inner Virgo” we all share. Who doesn‘t want to be organized?

However, I think those instructions are quite useful, in, and of, themselves. Before any work can start?

“…donate or sell items no longer needed.”

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