Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

It’s a “life hack” lifted from the Chinese Astrology, and Fang Sway folks.

Chinese New Year

It’s a very simple idea, get a new wallet for the Chinese New Year.

For many years, I had an old, leather wallet, a simple bi-fold wallet. Carried a driver’s license, cash, credentials. By the time I was a fully-featured adult, or, adult age, I stumbled into a nylon wallet. Some trial and error, but I’ve always prided myself on lifestyle that is simplified. Lean, stripped down, not too much extraneous crap to carry.

Oddly enough, one wore out and I shifted. Less is more, a current buzz phrase. “Less is more.”

For a couple of years, I carried a cabby-style wallet, slightly more bulky, but quite serviceable. I’ve got very little that rely goes into the wallet, now, a couple of cards, maybe a gas card, license, fishing license, and I try to always carry a few of my business cards. That’s about it. Very minimalistic.

In recent years, a “Front Pocket” wallet style has emerged, and gratefully, for me, a regular wallet fits just fine in the front of the ubiquitous attire I tend to favor. The front pocket carry, though, is healthier for anyone who might sit on the wallet, unbalancing the spine.

For the Chinese New Year last year, I tried a money clip instead of wallet and that didn’t make the year. Good idea, just not making the cut for me. Worked fine with my baggy cargo shorts, but nothing else, it wasn’t comfortable for me.

The metaphysical reasoning, whether ‘fang-sway’ or other terminology, is quite sound. A new container for money means new money coming in, a cheap way to increase abundance, little effort, big rewards. Although it was based on some kind of weird, I-don’t-understand, Chinese Astrology, the methodology holds up across belief systems; it seems to work with empirical evidence to support the idea.

So, once again, the new wallet. We’ll see what I get this year.

The Chinese New Year falls on February 8, 2016.

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