Blue2Car App

Blue2Car App

Never thought it would be so difficult. Didn’t think this would be all-consuming, either, but I’m trying to stretch out what meager resources I’ve got to make this thing work.

    Thank Saturn in Sagittarius.

Poking around on the web, late at night, I stumbled across an ear-piece, a Bluetooth earbud. I use these. I thought, “I’d like to find one that was cheap, useful, and worked in just one ear.”

Simple enough, no?

Sure, I’ve got a good one, cheap, too, two smallish earbuds connected by a wire with a thin microphone/switch/port bump on one side of the wire, wire itself might be a foot long. I can just wear one earbud, but that leaves a wire dangling, and the thought of a single earpiece is attractive.

I found one, for less than ten bucks, buried in a bargain bin, a BlueTooth EarPiece, with “5 hours of talk time and, 40 hours of standby!”

That’s one or two of Shakespeare’s play read aloud, or, in other words, a commute to and from Austin.

The problem with the earbud? It was only good for calls, and even, at that, weak when working on certain systems. Still, it would’ve been so cool to listen to that Shakespeare read aloud, just through the single earbud.

Much searching turned up an app, Blue2Car.

Having written about this type of feature earlier, I’m sure a variant of this will show up in the next phone update, but for now?

Blue2Car? It works, after a fashion.

The limits, kind of fun, and it’s bit buggy, all-in-all, maybe not “buggy,” but not exactly stable. Still, I can coax the iPod audio into the single earbud. Jacking around with the settings, I tried to crank the sound quality, and the app told me I was at the limits of the hardware, the little ear-wig thingy isn’t that great.

Then again, for ten bucks? I don’t care.

Blue2Car – Esmeralda Guio Lorente

Tzumi 3763B ProBuds Driver Series Handsfree Bluetooth Micro Earpiece-Black

Rumors? Rumors abound.


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