Apple Computers

Apple Computers

I got my fist Apple Computer — a venerable Mac Plus — when it was new, and Apple was a darling underdog with less than ten percent of the U.S. market.

Looking around at a coffee shop, me with an iPhone in my pocket, iPad on my desk, and an Apple computer running my business?

I’m married to the brand. In part, though, this is about the user experience. I want something that works, is super convenient, and adds value to my life. There is a task at hand.

Apple is no longer “The few, the proud,” no, it’s been discovered as fully-functionally, works the right — the first time. Usually. Books. Movies. Myths.

Sitting in an aisle seat, a dozen rows from the front of the plane, I looked over. One passenger was tapping on a Mac Book keyboard, and the row in front of that, another was hitting the keyboard on an iPad’s screen.

Not the outlaw, not the rebel, just solid product.

I put another horoscope “To bed” the other morning with its skeleton parts intact and scheduled for another month.

The software read, “2,177words.” Rarely do I dip below 2K words.

Apple Computers

The mythos surrounding the computer company?

The recent problem and great outcry — for both sides — about breaking into a phone for the FBI? There’s an easier way to do it, without asking Apple to do anything illegal.

For as long as I’ve worked “on the Internet,” I’ve operated under the suspicion that there is no real privacy on the web. E-mail, password protected websites, none of that is really, totally, immune to outsider view.

Might fall into one of those dubious grey areas, but it’s possible, perhaps a little reverse social engineering —

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