Spiritual Life Production Presentation

Spiritual Life Production Presentation

Astrological 2016, for Spiritual Life Production Presentation, talking notes.

Love all, trust a few,
Do wrong to none.
Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well (1.1.25-6)

PDF notes are here.

As the new year unfolds, I had a thought. Just about everyone I know has had one book, growing up, one text that changed his or her life. The book had ideas, thoughts, inspirations. Pause — Mercury is Retrograde now — pause long enough to figure out what that one book was. Now, stop. Stop.

A way to plot forward in the next year, given that Mercury Retrogrades are all in earth signs? Before this January is up, go back and re-read that one book. This is a Mercury-Retrogade inspired action that tends to pave our way to a more success-filled future.

2016 Astrological Overview

The mechanics:

Solar Eclipse 18 Pisces, 3/8/2016; Lunar Eclipse 3 Aries/Libra 3/23/2016.
Solar Eclipse 9 Virgo, 9/1/2016; Lunar Eclipse 24 Virgo/Pisces 9/16/2016.

Mercury goes retrograde 1/5/16 at one degree of Aquarius, turning direct 1/23/16 at 14 Cap.
Mercury goes retrograde 4/28/16 at 23 Taurus, turning direct 5/22/16 at 14 Taurus.
Mercury goes retrograde 8/30/16 at 29 Virgo, turning direct 9/21/16 at 14 Virgo (Sun at 29 Virgo).
Finally, Mercury goes retrograde 12/19/16 at 15 Cap., conjunct Pluto, until 1/8/17 at 28 Sag.

Mars goes Retrograde at 8 degrees of Sagittarius 4/17/16, eventually turning direct at 23 Scorpio 6/29/16. Mars finally gets back to 8 Sag., on 8/20/16, cf. Saturn in Sag.

Jupiter, the lucky star, goes retrograde 1/7/16 in Virgo, turning direct 5/9/16. Eventually, the Lucky Star is headed into Libra, 9/9/16.

Saturn, that burly old taskmaster, retrogrades 3/25/16 in Sagittarius, that-you-very-much, turning direct 8/13/16. Ties it to both Taurus Mercury Retrgrade, Virgo Mercury Retrgrade and the Mars Retrograde Pattern.

Uranus, the fun one? It moved direct on 12/25/15. Starts a retrograde pattern 7/29/16 turning direct 12/29/16, which, in some ways, should wrap the year.

Neptune turns Retrograde 6/13/16, going direct 11/19/16.

Pluto? A planet? Dwarf Planet? What? Goes retorgrade 4/18/16, direct 9/26/16.

Spiritual Life Production Presentation

The last time Mercury was retorgrade, like this, in Capricorn at the start of the year? December, 2009. Also January and February, 2009.

Couple of high points to this year, the Mars Retrograde sets a tone and pattern to the year, and it’s a chance to overhaul a situation where too much passion is not backed with a commiserate amount of value. An operative phrase, “I used to feel strongly about this, but it really isn’t that important, now.”

Mars was last retrograde in Sagittarius in the spring of 2001. With an early spring pattern in 1999, Sagittarius/Scorpio, eerily reminiscent of this, as well. Very similar pattern.

This overview represents, in an individual chart, two areas are getting agitated. One is the “earth” element because this year’s mercurial retrogrades are mostly in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), accentuated by Jupiter in Virgo — again, earth element.

Fine-tuning a number of the Mercury Retorgrade periods, there’s clearly a message because the mercurial retrogrades are punctuated with larger planet machinations. Means the little foibles get a greater accent. Or, the underlying message gets extra emphasis.

It’s about our personal foundations, strongly held personal beliefs that — or may not — have a foundation in reality. If there is a solid foundation, it might just get shaken, questioned, and examined, so to speak. Some ideals and beliefs hold up well under such scrutiny. Others? Not so much.

Other planetary movements are about learning how to get together, or how to get along, or how to agree to disagree. There are no political predictions in here becaue my own, personal politics tend to interfere with reasoned, astrological analysis. Doesn’t matter who I’ll pick, someone will be irritated with my suggestion.

I’ve addressed Jupiter several times, but a brief recap: Jupiter is the lucky star, and in traditional astrological terminology, the planet represents growth, good luck, dreams come true. I use the example of the lottery win, but there’s always that one Virgo, as Jupiter is in Virgo from now until next September, there’s one who complains about not winning the lottery.

“I got small raise at work, but that bumped me into a new tax bracket, so they are witholding more, but then I’ve got more deductions this year, so I’ll get more back at the end of the year. But no, in answer to your question, I didn’t ‘win the lottery.’ So there.”

Saturn “square” Neptune, exact, on three dates: Nov. 26, 2015, Jun. 17, 2016, Sep. 10, 2016.

The three dates listed for the astrological events? Those are about timing. We’ve seen this before as reality interrupts the dream-state.

The last time there was a Neptune Square Saturn like this? Think about the bursting “Internet bubble” in the year 2000.

Many years ago, I wrote about the “Dawn of the New Age,” and how the Age of Aquarius was not going happen without a strong fight from a dogmatic, predominately “fundamentalist” relgious right. That’s the current battle, ongoing. Saturn and Neptune are merely triggers.

2016 for Aries: Low points are Aries birthday and Mars in Retrograde. There’s a sense of reckoning that occurs in the first half of 2016, and then? The High points from midsummer, summer solstice onward, there’s strong evidnce, if the low points were reckoned with properly, that there will be immediate – tangible – rewards for the efforts.

2016 for Taurus: Low points are all the Earth Sign Mercury Reotrgrades, but accentuated by the Mars, as it slips back in Scorpio. April May might be tough. Revisiting material Taurus has previously seen and covered. Cosmic test. Review and renew. High points for Taurus are the weeks after each Mercury Retrograde, as there’s a an extra dose of “help” available to clean up previous messes.

2016 for Gemini: Low points are the beginning of the Mars Retrograde and all of the Mercury Retrogrades with that one in the middle of the spring, and the fall, both of those are extra tough, accentuated by eclipses and other action. The High points are February, June, July, August, October and beyond. Saturn and Jupiter continue to be tangible influences, more work, but at least there’s work.

2016 for Cancer: Low points are mostly the “middle degree” of Cancer, the folks with Pluto opposite from them, as this year’s Pluto action gets accentuated by other forces. The High points are a wonderful stretch in February into March then again June through the end of the year, with a particular footnote to check on Pluto’s action and watch the little retrogrades.

2016 for The Leo: Low points occur during the finl part of the Mars in Retorgrade, June, and, and, that’s it. High points start when Jupiter starts to pick up speed in Virgo, in May, but that really gets good in June-July, and by August, Leo is on top, in form, through the rest of the year, with a growth spurt triggered by the planets in the late fall.

2016 for Virgo: Low points are enumerated as Mercury in Reotgrade with both the eclipses and the Saturn square Neptune dates being highlighted as times to “watch out.” High points, though, there’s a chance in the first two Mercury Retrograde times to fully address issues that have long been dormant and need action. Get it cleand up before Summer arrives, as it’s nothing but good times after that. Do the work; play the rest of the year.

2016 for Libra: Low points are along the lines of the first couple of Mercury Retorgrades, but there’s also the final Libra/Aries eclipse, in the spring, triggers the last 18 months of Libra issues. High point starts July 4th, 2016, with fireworks launching new Libra resolve and clarity, paving the way for Jupiter’s good fortune in the fall.

2016 for Scorpio: Low point, for Scorpio, is the last half of the Mars Retrgrade when its lesson will be ground in with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. High points are before and especially after, the summer on into the fall, provided the Mars material is embraced and covered.

2016 for Sagittarius: Low points are the two Mercury Retrogrades bracketing Mars (and Saturn) spring-time reotrgrade. Whatever the “Saturn issue” is? That will be apparent. Learn, work, move on. High point occurs when Jupiter strts moving forward, and there’s a sindow from the middle of the summer, onward, for growth and suitable adventure.

2016 for Capricorn: Low point for Cap is the Mercury Reotgrade in Cap, already ongoing this year. High point is all the Mercury Reotrfgrade periods, which, if one is patient student of astrology, those dates can all be used as opportunities to move forward, correcting past mistakes.

2016 for Aquarius: Low points are the bookend Mercury Retrogrades, first and last, in Capricorn, as well as the last half of the Mars Retrograde. Echoes back to 2009, and earlier to 2001, and what was, and might need review. High points are everything in between with a special emphasis starting when Jupiter moves in Libra. Great stuff.

2016 for Pisces: Low points are the way the first Mercury Retrograde cracks the Pisces foundation, and that eclipse action, just shakes matters up. Echoes back to last fall. High points are the Neptune Square dates in June and September, as those force others to help rebuild what has been rent asunder. A note about Neptune? It’s a powerful influence, but Pisces must learn to use this power wisely. Good luck with that.











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