Fourth Rule of Ten

Fourth Rule of Ten

Years later, back again, same set-up, a cheap, digital copy.

“A new day, and my first opportunity to practice a new rule: let go of expectations, for expectations lead to suffering.”

Excerpt From: Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay. “The Fourth Rule of Ten.” Hay House.

The original one and the second.

That first one? On sale as an iBook, well worth its investment, trashy thriller with Buddhist overtones, and helped with my daily have meditation practice.

The books, the series, as I’ll assume a new one is on its way, is fun for me as there’s enough Left-Coast P.I./cop stuff to move the stories along, and the way the Buddhist Doctrine is interlaced, there’s a kind of balance between guns and mindfulness.

The Fourth Rule of Ten – Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay

As far as pricing? The “pulp price,” like dime-store “westerns,” the e-book price of a buck or two? Well worth it.

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