Formative Literature

Formative Literature

At the beginning of this year, and as an idea that I echoed from a horoscope, I used the idea of a single book that was a clear influence.

For me, Formative Literature includes a fair sampling of Science Fiction’s subset from the “New Wave,” CyberPunk.

Neuromancer, by William Gibson, as an example, for one.

Late at night, poking at something on a tablet, I found a title that claimed to be CyberPunk, yet again.

The opening pages reminded me how much any genre can, at some point, become a sad parody of itself. Still, the writing was energetic and frenetic, with a story that caught my attetnion.

Perhaps a parable for post-modern times?

What I liked best was a “paperback” price, think pulp, type of price, old-school pocket paperback, priced at $1.99 or so. Quite worth it.

Three Days in April – Edward Ashton

Three Days in April

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