Console Chaos

Console Chaos

That’s what I called it, Console Chaos because that title fit the images. Dead TV sets, tumbled out, spilling on the lawn and sidewalk, stretching to the street.

Bexar County Line

That image always amazed me. I picked it for the cover of the first Mercury Retrograde book, The Portable Mercury Retrograde, because the series of images amused me so.

For several years, I had a fantasy about getting an old TV Console like one of those, then popping a newer flat panel display into it, and arming the speaker cabinets with real speakers, or better, bookshelf-sized monitors.

Old auntie of mine, when anaolg TV died, she got a cheap, digital LCD TV and had me just set it up on top of her console. Not the same, but the effect was similar.

Might also be symbolic of the death of a dream, but frankly, the effort required, and the fact that I have no space for such a creation, might be part of the problem. What’s a visible improvement, over the years, is that size and delivery methods have changed.

The console was the center point for a room, and these days, the TV is not my central focus.

Cathorde Ray Tubes, promient for years and years, that type of display has all been replaced by flat panels, of one ilk or another.

Is this progress?

The dead TV sets, spillng out of the building, it was just such a Mercury in Retrograde image.

Console Chaos

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