Year in Review

Year in Review

2015 more of the same? My Year in Review? Sure.

It was a year for annoyances. Minor and major, petty and problematic. Little problems with a big problem, stuck inside, trying to escape – there’s a quote about that in Pink Cake.

“Annoyances,” isn’t really the correct way to start a hopefuly uplifting missive as I dredge back through the last year, but that was what came to mind, at first.

I find myself grateful for certain annoyances.

Weird, no?

Fueled, no doubt by Saturn in Sagittarius and furthered by Saturn Square Neptune.

Year in Review

Client and just social interactions, I’ve had a few in the last year that have annoyed me. When I’m annoyed like that, though, that means there’s an underlying element that I have a part in, I’m not without fault, in one way of looking at the annyoance. Then, in the last year, when I’ve found that annoying person, or situation, I’ve found that there is something I can do.

The simplest example is Austin Traffic. Is that a trademark, “Austin Traffic?” Should be. That annoyance factor, though, I knew that I would have to sit in Austin Traffic a few times a month.

As an ardent Shakespeare Hobbyist, after a couple of years at the Rock Shop, and I did get to hear all the plays.

Plus some podcast lectures, and now, a second pass through the plays, looking for deeper understanding. Deeper understanding of the story and plot in Shakespeare’s plays leads to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of humankind, and by extension, myself, perhaps on futher reflection.

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