What I Would Look Like

What I Would Look Like

Young man walked by, while I was working, in Austin. He had elongated earlobes, from having oversized – whatever, the big lobes from the huge gauge earrings, and I realized, at that very moment, if I was younger, say, Millenial, I would have those earrings. Or, like him, just the loops of flesh.

As it was, my youthful providence was just two in one ear and one in the other ear. Don’t ask, my earrings are clearly visible.

He also had a long, dangling cross penned to another ear piercing. That’s what caught my eye. I used to wear an earring just like that. Long, dangling bit with a cross at the end.

It meant something at the time.

What I Would Look Like

Tight, skinny black jeans, “ironic” band t-shirt, but it was the earrings that gave me pause. They were, at the time, symbolic and tangible to me. A rite of passage that means something.

He either was in tow, or he was being herded, by a female of similar vintage and look. Way younger me wandering by.

These days? I wouldn’t get one leg in those skinny jeans. I mean, seriously.

Not happening now.

But twenty years offset? Bet that’s what I would look like.

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