Oyster Nachos

Oyster Nachos

Got a cousin in the Great North West. Think “Seattle,” coffee, grunge, rain. I was preparing for a local meal, that was going to be, basically, oyster nachos.

Place not far from here advertised as the original home of Oyster Nachos – provenance has not been verified. The help’s sketchy, the seafood is reasonably fresh – San Antonio is landlocked – and the nod to fusion cuisine?

Oyster Nachos

Used to be a Wednesday night deal, right before the horoscopes spooled up, and the oyster nachos were on sale.

It’s a shaped restaurant corn chip, with a single, lightly fried oyster on top, then a teaspoon of fresh pico on top of that. Slight garnish of some kind, possibly grated cilantro.

In the best of deliveries, the oyster is still the strongest element in the flavor mix, with the Gulf Oysters from this winter being particularly tasty. Succulent, even, wrapped in a very light corn meal breading.

Bexar County Line

Oyster Nachos, it’s a real thing.


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