Reading with your Ears

Reading with your Ears

The article’s title implied it was about audio books.

I’m no fan of audio books (my first chapter, read aloud.)

The time this makes a dfference? The commute to Austin for work or family.

However, I tend to listen to Shakespeare’s plays, the whole canon, and now? I’m on my second time through.

    One play, I kept getting interrupted and I listend to the Third Act, three times, and I still have no better sense about what’s going on. These things happen.

Not much has changed, although, there are secondary versions of some plays, and at least one, that was badly read. Not that I could do any better, as I’m no vocal star. The cadence was wrong, and yet, the words, they spoke to me, motoring down the road. Some of Shakespeare’s work is pure poetical-musical, just a feast of delicious words rubbing on each other.

Shakespeare’s works are best as plays, on stage, but there are times when that’s not possible, what are we up to? Almost 40 plays in the collection now? 39 plus the missing Cardenio?

The “audio books” version gives me a chance to hear a solid, sometimes a bit uneven, but solid performance, all the way through, usually with minimal sound effects.

So reading with your ears? I’m at odds.

But lots of folks tell me I’m odd.


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