iPad Pro First Run

iPad Pro First Run

Just about every time I write about reading a Stuart Wood’s novel, I rely on my standard expression, “seamless” because, as I read the material, there’s an effortless sense of expression.

No fancy stylistic tricks, no hyper-extenuated punctuation, no grammar errors or confusing usage to hinder the story and plot. He’s got himself a superlative editor, someplace in that mix.

    I adore, more and more, my digital public library, Bexar Biblio Tech as it’s free to borrow books. I tend to read books like that aforementioned Stuart Woods novel as a library book, as it’s usually a fast read.

However, as much as I adore the library and its serivces? I’m “not a fan” of the software application and its interface, for reading library books. Doesn’t suck “big time,” but it sucks small time, as it’s about equal with the Kindle App, on a suck-rating scale, and what bothers me the most? Lack of scrolling text. Arguably, that could be a feature as it does include proper page numbers, but no, I don’t like the library’s front end.

I prefer, whenever possible, to use the Apple iBook reader. The process of delivering the content is better, to my eyes. Feels smoother, more polished, a superior experience.

Picked up the new iPad Pro and while waiting, I learned a few things.

One, the Apple Store “red shirts” seemed as a surprised as I was when the online sales order form said, “Available for in-store pickup TODAY.”

“We didn’t know they’d be in-store, this morning.”

Rolled up to my closest Apple Store, and I muttered foul epithets, not really mall talk: there was a line. Blessedly, it was a short line, and the gatekeeper needed my name, and then told me it would be about 20 minutes. Stopped off to fetch up a cup of coffee, then wandered back into the store, hoping to get a keyboard.

For once, the estimating of store was accurate. I was just wondering, it’s like watching a song or a movie download, “Estimated time, 20 minutes, 19 minutes, 10 minutes,” and then the clip starts playing, less than ten minutes.

Under a leaden sky, the color of London in the winter, I sat at the kitchen table at the coast and toyed with setting up the new iPad. One of the first items was that library software, and later in the evening, I was reading that most recent Stuart Woods book.

While I still feel like the 3M Library software needs improvement, I finished reading that book, on the new iPad, that first evening.

That I finished reading a book and made scurrilous notes? Plus got a post ready? Think that speaks well for the new iPad Pro. Time will tell.

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I stuff


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