AT&T Services

AT&T Services

Years ago, I migrated back to AT&T “broadband,” although, at the time, it was the narrowest of broadband services available.

AT&T Services

After this last move, I’ve had spotty repsonse from the AT&T slash U-Verse thing. Service. Whatever.

I got upset with AT&T dropping coverage, losing connectivity for periods of seconds and minutes, so the next time it happened, I called “Support.” Eventually, I got a tech out, and he quickly replaced the outside box.

So far, so good. The signal droppped, once more, about 36 hours later, so I called “support” back again.

Easiest way to get something fixed is to constantly complain.

Tech support suggested it was a good time for a Maker’s Mark Manhatten, and she sent along a follow-up file that included troubleshooting ideas.

“If you’re having trouble logging into Internet, point your browser to,” which was followed by an AT&T web address.

Here’s the problem with “corporate,” I get a help file that’s a series of links about how to connect to the internet. If the lines are down, how do I go to the web addresses?

AT&T Services

I keep a really small, minute file on the site that I use as a way to check and monitor uptime. The single-call text file is super simple, and it checks the site every minute to insure it is up and running.

The site’s running, but local broadband was getting bumped off-line.

“Here, I’ll e-mail you a file with some helpful links.”

Even with the help desk located in the United States, I’m not sure they were understanding the problem: bumped off-line.

“Click on one of the links.”

I’m not sure I was being heard. I wasn’t connected to the inter-webs.

“I’ll e-mail a file, you can click on the links for help with trouble shooting.”

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