The Opposite of the Upsell

The Opposite of the Upsell

Most internet marketing types concentrate on a “Churn and Burn” model of business – offer something for free, hook a reader, then Upsell. Up-sell and the highly lucrative “One Time Offer,” if you act now, etc.

“Never seen before,” another favorite line.

Me? I tend to be anti-authoritartian, in opposition to the fascist state, and against convention. Instead of an up-sell?

I try for The Opposite of the Upsell, with my single, subscription option.

Folks see me in person, like what I’ve got and want me.

Subscribe here,

So, The Opposite of the Upsell is my gentle, “help suport this website” plea, the downsell. About the cost of a caffeinated beverage someplaces.

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