Got it.

The handle for “Millennial,” the generation that’s larger than the boomers, and the generation that no one can seem to address?

The Millennial answers.


Sidebar item, first. Instead of buying a dozen, a “Millennial” would rather have one that is high quality, custom made, or personalized, rather than a ton of them off the rack, especially if they all look the same.

“Henna art,” as an example. Not too durable, but a highly detailed and individual expression. Because the “Millennial” generation is possibly larger than the boomers? The growth of tattoo art, as a way to distinguish between each other, something that makes the individual unique?

Look up digital tribes, again.

With an astrology chart, that individual chart and patterns won’t be repeated, possibly ever.

Recall the ad, it’s a bearded actor from, allegedly, Vermont or something, and he’s posited as “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

The beer ad’s tag line, “I don’t always drink beer but when I do…”

That’s the clue to the so-called Millennial Generation.

“I don’t always (do some action), but when I do? I reach for (the most exotic, karmically correct, vegan, wheat-free, free-range, artisanal version )…”

I don’t always read my horoscope, but when I do? I want actionable, spiritual, inpisired, poetic advice.


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