September’s Astrology

September’s Astrology

I further delineated the aspects, actions, and planetary motions in the previous post, but this one analogy came up from my previous weeks’ experiences.

I did “daycare,” off and on, in the last month as I was a parking place for a kid. That simple. I had a blast, but it also meant that I needed to have some “Sugar-frosted sugar bombs” cereal on hand. That and whole milk. Whole milk is gone, August is over, school’s started, and I’m free again.

There’s a leftover box of cereal, not a name brand, but a reasonable facsimile of Captain Crunch. I prefer the term, “Sugar-frosted sugar bombs,” and I’m unsure if the literary allusion carries.

September’s Astrology

The other morning, I emptied out what was left of that box of cereal, into a shallow bowl, and I added some two-percent milk. Not sure it matters. What was leftover was cereal dust, crystal structures of giant sugar flakes, and a few broken pieces of cereal, maybe half a cup.

Buried deep in the folds of my memory is sugar-frosted breakfast cereal with milk, and over the moments, the stuff in the bottom of the bowl turns into confectionary mess, with sugar shards and other artificial flavors forming a miasmic mass of soup.

September is like that bowl of cereal, the leftover stuff, at the bottom of the box. Crunchy, broken bits of cereal, sugar, dust, and add milk? It becomes a paste-like sugar-tainted mess.

Some spoonfuls of the next month will contain nothing but toothache-sugar goodness that’s almost too sweet. Virgo. Some moments are reflections from the past, Mercury Retrograde (Libra).

It’s the end of the box, too, and there’s nothing left, with the bottom being so sweet and tempting, but also filled cereal dust, and that makes the gooey paste. To me? That’s a tasty treat. All depends.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius: it’s the bottom of the box – there is no more right now.

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