Free Books

Free Books

A buddy was talking with me about free books she was giving away, mostly self-help and business texts. Reminded me of the washer and dryer. True story from old Austin.

The washer and dryer –

Back in the old days, before Austin was cool – the event was a span of days in middle of the double-aughts, I’m guessing, since I can’t locate the images within the standard blog motors, that dates this as sometime before 2005, best guess.

So I was strolling up to eat a taco, someplace, and I passed a slightly dented washer and dryer, sitting on the front lawn, next to the sidewalk, little, badly lettered-sign read, “Free.” This was prior to artisanal tacos and third-wave coffee. It was just off Congress Ave.

First day – free. Next day, still there.

Third day, as I passed going to get something at the store, they changed the sign– “$50.”

Stopped for a taco.

Washer and dryer were gone after lunch.

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  • Melodie Sep 20, 2015 @ 15:23

    The Value of FREE has risen dramatically over the years! It used to be when someone made a legitimate offer people would jump on it. Now, however, people shy away from the word FREE! Is that because we’ve gotten smarter and come to realize nothing is free? I’m removing that word from my vocabulary! Thanks for the example!

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